Lipstick Camera.

Working on my Final Cut Pro tutorials I came across the fact that sports or reality television productions may shoot some of the program in HD but use DV for smaller lipstick cameras… What’s a lipstick camera?

Below is the best one out there right now!

Found this on Wikipedia:

lipstick camera is an extremely small video camera which is approximately the size of a typical tube of lipstick. They are useful for capturing images that a conventional camera would not be able to capture due to size or weight constraints.

Examples include showing a poker player’s hand, looking inside a hockey penalty box, or providing a “point of view” angle by mounting the camera on a helmet. The camera itself only has just enough electronics to capture the image, typically on a 6mm (1/4 in) Bayer filter CCD. It is connected by a cable to a somewhat larger box where the image is processed into a standard video signal which can be recorded.


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