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Colour Correct.

Go figure. I loved the titles and look of Se7en. Found out it was created by the same director as The Social Network (which Jan and I watched last night). I’ve watched this tutorial today. Although, I don’t have the the tools described in it, I can still use the same ideas in Premiere Pro. I did a bit of testing on my projects at work and I’ve got a good handle on it. I don’t see why I can’t use this in Paul and my documentary work!

I used effects, 3-way color correction, procamp & circle (for vignette). The look is very nice and I can now control some of the lighting after the fact. Very cool…

I found this over lunch. Seems I’m following a familiar path.


The lure of Colour.

Watched the Social Network tonight after hearing about their editing workflow. Long story short it’s lead to wanting to know more about colour grading (correction). More to come but you need a bit of background.

To start visit: HERE.

No Film School?

Sure, I went to film school a long time ago. I’ve used some of what I’ve learned over the years to be sure. Would I go back today? Nope,  I don’t think so. I think the best thing to do today is: Do it!

So that’s what my bro and I are doing. All the tools are a lot cheaper and there are tons of resources out there. Here is a resource I found – I downloaded the free DSLR Cinematography Guide. It’s awsomse.

However, nothing beats experience and focus. Nothing… Raw!

Peer-to-Peer Economy.

This is something that I hope my bro and I with VO2MAX embrace. We’re prepared to walk the walk. We hope to be doing this with GHO and The Runner’s Den. We’ll do something like this with you. Ask us!!!

Unfamiliar with Peer-to-Peer? Check out this video.

How about these websites Gigwalk, Taskrabbit & Zaarly.

Absolute Evel.

While stuck in my chair after my surgery and reading Confessions of a Hero Worshiper, I thought about Evel Knievel. As kids we used to idolize him. We used to watch his stunts on ABC’s Wide World of Sports (not sure it’s a sport). One friend actually had the toy which we envied. Hero maybe but role model? Hmmm… I remember we took a number of shopping carts from a local grocery store and tried to emulate the stunts with our bikes. The carts were buses. We didn’t have helmets. Somehow no one got hurt or killed for that matter!

I found this documentary on-line and enjoyed watching it. Presented by the BBC, I think it’s well worth a watch. Breaking so many bones was crazy. I couldn’t imagine after my latest episode – sheesh.


Not talking about focusing a camera here. Science writer Winifred Gallagher makes the radical argument in Rapt that the quality of your life largely depends on what you choose to pay attention to and how you choose to do it. Gallagher grapples with provocative questions—, Can we train our focus? I’m reading the book right now.

Paul and I are focused on documentary right now. We worked again last night and already I can see improvement. Although we have a looooong way to go, I can already say that like the athletes our training is paying off.


Well, here I am. After further trials and research, I making one more switch of editing program. This is quite easy because as I’ve said a few days ago, being a newbie, I don’t have any ties to one specific software. FCP X kind of lost me.

The fact that the FCP X workflow seems a bit clunky for me is one thing. However, after a bit of investigation it seems Apple is watering the software down to the lowest common denominator. FCP is also platform (MAC) specific and I do some of this stuff at work and have a PC. Although, I’ll miss comments on markers, there is a work around and I’m confident my OCD will keep me well organized albeit analog in nature. Premiere takes advantage of 64-bit technology and I hear way outperforms FCP in rendering – rendering takes soooooo looooong. Not to mention that Premiere integrates better with After Effects & Photoshop… oh, I guess I did mention it.

There is a whole host of more reasons to switch that are too technical to mention.

So, it looks like I’m learning more software – nice!