Yesterday’s Reid Interview Sucked.

I should rephrase that, my interview questions sucked. Reid was great. Very forthcoming with his answers and he did a well looking into the camera and repeating the questions in his answers. I did him a great disservice though with my poor showing yesterday.

Ok, I’m being a little overdramatic but really I didn’t perform well.


Well, for starters I didn’t ask him why at all. If Paul and I expect people to watch our documentaries we better supply them with stuff that surprises them. Honestly, aside from the fact that Reid liked my third question, I can only think of one piece of information that I thought – this is cool! Again, this was not Reid’s fault. He answered everything really well. But, we are asking viewers to spend valuable time to watch our videos – we have to make watching worth it!

The real problem was that I didn’t ask the tough questions. I’m not going to beat myself up over it (after all this was my first interview) but I’ve learned from the experience and will do better next time. Fortunately, Reid has agreed to more interviews.

My brother and I have watched several series on the web. Truth is they are mostly just eye candy. They look amazing but there isn’t much of substance there. Shame on us if we don’t strive for better…

Fortunately, shooting is practically free and we get a second chance. Next time I won’t blow it.


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