Failing to plan.

This could have been titled: Shooting with the story in mind.

Learned a lot yesterday on the shoot. Sure, it’s easy to say the camera has a weird record button. I couldn’t count all the times I hit the wrong button and missed a moment forever. What I really learned is we planned to fail and that tough. You can’t just go out and shot on instinct. Snot good. Although, I’m sure you’ll get some good material, I bet you don’t get much of the best.

You want to go into a shoot with a clear sense of the story and approach to maximize the quality. Not doing so meant yesterday meant we probably didn’t recognize or take advantage of the key moments – we couldn’t anticipate them.

I’m sure some shoots require more planning than others. My guess is the more unpredictable the shoot is the more planning required.

Next shoot my bro and I sit down for an hour and plan!


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