So Technical.

Wow, I can’t believe all the technical stuff out there in the documentary world. Yesterday it was figuring out what to do with .MTS files (best to not have them and format the memory card before using it so FCP can transfer the files). Once they are removed from the camera or card, the only way to get them into FCP is to converter them with a professional converter. I’m in the process of getting one.

Once converted the 2 GB file (45 minutes) bloated to 10.67GB… Problem is my 40GB USB was formatted FAT32. Maximum file size can only be 4GB. SO… I had to format the USB Drive to ExFAT on my work Windows 7 machine with Disk Management so both Mac and PC could read it. Think there is still a 16GB limit but I won’t go there.

Have to figure out all the AVCHD etc. stuff out. There are so many HD, Video acronyms out there that my head is already  loopy. One day. I suspect it will take a while.


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