High Gear.

My bro are in high gear today. He’s out shooting a ton of Reid to and from Guelph. Has a tool that attaches to the car and holds his camera. Hope the suction cups work well! I suggested he use more tripod. Gave him a few tips – told him just keep moving, varying the angles and distances.

It’s great he’s out there though. Getting better with every shot I’m sure.

I’m working on Final Cut Pro 7 (FCP) here at work. I’m doing a series of training videos and so I have lots of opportunity to edit. Great to have lots  hands-on experience with FCP now that I’ve done a lot of tutorials. Yep, putting in the time and we can only get better at all this.

I speak for both of us when I say we’re both having a blast!!!

Jan and I are pretty through The Corporation. I borrowed it from the library and am well into the book. Well done!


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