Well, here I am. After further trials and research, I making one more switch of editing program. This is quite easy because as I’ve said a few days ago, being a newbie, I don’t have any ties to one specific software. FCP X kind of lost me.

The fact that the FCP X workflow seems a bit clunky for me is one thing. However, after a bit of investigation it seems Apple is watering the software down to the lowest common denominator. FCP is also platform (MAC) specific and I do some of this stuff at work and have a PC. Although, I’ll miss comments on markers, there is a work around and I’m confident my OCD will keep me well organized albeit analog in nature. Premiere takes advantage of 64-bit technology and I hear way outperforms FCP in rendering – rendering takes soooooo looooong. Not to mention that Premiere integrates better with After Effects & Photoshop… oh, I guess I did mention it.

There is a whole host of more reasons to switch that are too technical to mention.

So, it looks like I’m learning more software – nice!


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