Monthly Archives: October 2011

Scary App – Not really.

Happy Halloween! Here and here are scary (ok, not really) links to TVO’s docstudio.

Another place to find Documentaries on-line! Yikes… 😉


Early epiphany.

I’ve always found that a lot of my ideas come at around 4-6AM. Today was no exception. My bro suggested how we should tackle or next little project. He left yesterday saying, “Let’s give it some thought”. I guess my brain did, although I didn’t consciously last night.

The result: The structure came to me as I lay in bed, in that barely awake state. I went over things again and again. It all made sense and felt right. So, I’ve written it down and I’m looking forward to the edit.

All my listening to TAL is paying off and I’m developing a good sense of storytelling. It’s exciting!

Pooling our ideas.

My brother and I met today. Nice to just chat about ideas we’ve been doing. He thought we should do a mini-video on the STWM as a project on the side. Specifically, he thought it should focus on Reid’s decision to run with the leaders. I’ll give it some thought tonight.

Lost my pool today. That part of my life is behind more and more now… feel good.

Real Emotion.

It’s Friday. Seems like a loooooong dreary rainy week looking back…

Just posting this. Simple. Amazing. Real.


WARNING: Emotionally charged. For me anyways!

Hoop Dreams.

I’ve watched this one on basketball. I think it rightly sits on many people’s best documentaries ever lists.

Watch it and see why.


I was listening to TAL while commuting into work today as per usual. The theme today was on ‘basketball’. Hilarious… they kept playing this song: Gary Glitter Rock & Roll Part II LOL!!!

So, I found this documentary on Documentary Heaven. I need to find the two hours to watch this. I think it would be pretty interesting. Winner – Best Sports Film – 2010 Webby Awards. A free educational documentary chronicling how after 41 years of playing NBA basketball in Seattle, the Super Sonics were moved to Oklahoma and became the Thunder. Had something similar here in Canada with the Winnipeg Jets. I remember the Sonics as a teenager. Now it’s resides with several other sports teams are in Franchise Heaven!

Tri this.

A triathlete video here. I found it by Googling… a Triathlete named Justin Harris is trying to pursue his elite status and all the struggles that come with it are depicted here. With interviews from Nike Livestrong Triathletes Rebeccah Wassner and Laurel Wassner and Professional.

In two parts on Youtube. Just over 15 minutes…