Best Boy.

In film the best boy – The term predates the film business. In the English apprentice system, the “best boy” was the Master’s oldest, most experienced apprentice, who thus had more responsibilities than the others. In effect he was the second person in charge, as a best boy grip or electrician is today, carrying out the key grip’s or gaffer’s instructions.

In order to get into film school I had to write essays on two films that inspired me to take the course. One of the films I wrote on was Best Boy. It won the Academy Award for best documentary in 1980. I thought it was great. Who knew I’d have a special needs ‘Best Girl’ myself.

Check it out here. I’ve always loved documentary and this film brought it home. Truth is stranger than fiction and you can’t write this stuff…


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One response to “Best Boy.

  • Margaret Hill

    Milt and I remember that film “Best Boy” very much. Amazing how it
    was then filmed with the camera and lights (homemade) style.
    I watched the various episodes on “YouTube”. Thanks for reminding us.

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