Good Day, eh.

Paul and I documented the STWM (Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon) and in particular Reid Coolsaet. Early morning but the weather wasn’t too bad. Was bad enough to stop Reid (who before the race told us there was no reason he shouldn’t run with the leaders so, he was going to do that) from breaking the Canadian record. Such is life. He ran well enough though! I felt really happy for him as I watched on the video screen at the finish line. I wanted to share the excitement but no one around except the race organizer seemed to recognize what they were watching. Paul ended up on camera a ton too and he followed Reid the entire race on his single speed bike.

Great to see Eric Gillis qualify too! The two have really worked hard together and no one deserves representing Canada in the Olympics more than Eric. He is a real gentleman. Awesome…

Photo from last year. What a difference a year makes.


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One response to “Good Day, eh.

  • Margaret Hill

    Happy to read the good news regarding Reid..Matt Galloway @ CDC
    interviewed him this morning, just after 8am… Reid said he had to
    make a pit stop along the way, otherwise he was pleased with his run.

    What about that l00 year old guy, and also the 8l yr. old finishing the
    marathon ! Milt’s jealous !

    What a great documentary those two guys would make ?

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