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Background Music.

According to Ira Glass, “Music is the frame around the picture.” It makes a piece “more real than real” if that makes sense. Music gives the viewer time to take in what’s been said and what they are seeing. It shouldn’t overpower…

Sometimes music is used to mark a start in a piece where action begins or builds. It adds drama… and it has to be removed to present a big idea. So, it stands out. Stopping the music focuses on the what’s being said or seen!


Suckers for Docs.

I was telling my neighbour about working with Paul on documentaries. He was all over that. He named a few documentaries I must see, like The Cove. He also had few he wanted to see including Super Size Me. This isn’t that rare. Lots of people love docs and my neighbour is no exception.

He sent me a link to a BBC One preview of Human Planet. Amazing footage, edited really well. Check it out…

Holding Pattern.

Seems my bro and I are in a bit of a holding pattern here. My laptop isn’t cutting it for editing and we’re switching software. Thinking about Macs and PCs… We’ll figure it out but it’s a bit of a pain. The illustration below kinda sums it up.

I want us to enter the TVO contest. There’s still time… thinking of doing a couple of shorts on deep water running and beet juice! Think both could be humorous and informative. Need to arrange the shoots and keep moving!!!

Sound tracks.

Soundtracks have always stuck with me. Done right, they wash over you and leave a track. When I was a boy I had several soundtracks on record and listened to them often. Put them over projects, home movies and tapes. Trust me, not many kids did this. I’m curious did you? I liked the short themes or segments (often just over a minute) to the main themes and longer pieces with vocals. I had Star Wars, Rocky and anything Vangelis for example.

I did a bit of research into the music used by TAL and for the most part found they used/use movie soundtracks. TAL has favourites. Soundtracks created by artists such as Jon BrionAirCinematic OrchestraMilt BucknerBoards of CanadaAngelo Badalamenti and Angelo Badalamenti to name a few. TAL also uses Trent Reznor and Brian Eno but they are obvious and I already have them on my phone.

I’m going to download a lot of these artist’s soundtracks and put them on my phone’s rotation. Maybe you’ll beat me to it. You can preview most tracks on Amazon.com and sample them as a preview!


Trying to edit new Reid video on my MacBook and well… it’s a real struggle. I have it about 75% complete (no narration or music, colour correction or fine cut). Trouble is it’s so sloooow that I’m getting really frustrated. I can’t get in a groove and I certainly can’t fine cut the thing.

Despite the fact that I really excited about this one, it’s taking way longer and it’s really hard. Paul popped and said he took some good shots yesterday at both the Road2Hope and in the trails.


Talk about murdering your competition! This was great to watch. Really interesting. I loved the line one fellow says. Something like, “what’s the worse that can happen? I break my neck? I’ve already done that!”

Check it out on Documentary Heaven…


TVO Docs is having a contest. I used to do these for design in the 90’s. Hmmmm… if you’re like me, this could be something to try. Another project to learn from. Will look at details. How about you?