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It would be fun to do something like this. More of a mockumentary. I love it though.

I really like the use of the Ken Burns effect. Talk about fun with photoshop. Nice…

I did an actually documentary with just images from Dieppe set to music in 2nd Yr Film School. I’m afraid I didn’t think of doing any zooms or pans which would have been better. As well, my flashes should have been 1 frame not 6 and it looked stupid. The editing was cool but always wished I could do it over again the right way. It was done on Super 8 with audio tape with sync.


New Software.

I got Hindenburg Journalist through work for sound editing. I did a few tutorials and really like it’s simplicity. Should be great to work with. Nice interface as well and cool marketing concept.

My boss at work as if I’d help his son’s band through work. Why not? Should be interesting…


Well, here I am. After further trials and research, I making one more switch of editing program. This is quite easy because as I’ve said a few days ago, being a newbie, I don’t have any ties to one specific software. FCP X kind of lost me.

The fact that the FCP X workflow seems a bit clunky for me is one thing. However, after a bit of investigation it seems Apple is watering the software down to the lowest common denominator. FCP is also platform (MAC) specific and I do some of this stuff at work and have a PC. Although, I’ll miss comments on markers, there is a work around and I’m confident my OCD will keep me well organized albeit analog in nature. Premiere takes advantage of 64-bit technology and I hear way outperforms FCP in rendering – rendering takes soooooo looooong. Not to mention that Premiere integrates better with After Effects & Photoshop… oh, I guess I did mention it.

There is a whole host of more reasons to switch that are too technical to mention.

So, it looks like I’m learning more software – nice!

The 80-20 Rule.

I’m learning that like most other things in life, the first 80% of a project takes 20% of the time. Fine-tuning, refining and polishing the project seems to take up the majority of the project. I remember in my days at York that trimming was at the time painstakingly hard. But, it’s what I loved to do. Going over an edit time after time until it felt just right…

Projects always brings me back to Paul’s and my climbing days. The climbs seemed pretty daunting. Yet, by focusing on one move at a time, we would eventually summit. Editing feels pretty much like that.

Here are some general cutting rules.

Final Cut Pro.

Making an honest effort to learn Final Cut Pro. On chapter 4 in a book Paul purchased (Doing a chapter a day…). I’m finding it pretty intuitive and similar to other software I know. It’s like Illustrator and Photoshop in that there are carry overs from the pre-digital days. Like artboards, dodging and burning for those programs, most users will have never worked with bins, a moviola and/or splicer like I did in film school.

I wouldn’t want to go back. This is far too easy, cheap and fun!


Doing lots of investigation on editing workflow. Seems ProRes is the standard for editing digital video.

Here is the definition. We discovered Philip Bloom who is a DSLR guru. He explains the benefits of using ProRes amoung other cool things in this presentation.