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Background Music.

According to Ira Glass, “Music is the frame around the picture.” It makes a piece “more real than real” if that makes sense. Music gives the viewer time to take in what’s been said and what they are seeing. It shouldn’t overpower…

Sometimes music is used to mark a start in a piece where action begins or builds. It adds drama… and it has to be removed to present a big idea. So, it stands out. Stopping the music focuses on the what’s being said or seen!


Sound tracks.

Soundtracks have always stuck with me. Done right, they wash over you and leave a track. When I was a boy I had several soundtracks on record and listened to them often. Put them over projects, home movies and tapes. Trust me, not many kids did this. I’m curious did you? I liked the short themes or segments (often just over a minute) to the main themes and longer pieces with vocals. I had Star Wars, Rocky and anything Vangelis for example.

I did a bit of research into the music used by TAL and for the most part found they used/use movie soundtracks. TAL has favourites. Soundtracks created by artists such as Jon BrionAirCinematic OrchestraMilt BucknerBoards of CanadaAngelo Badalamenti and Angelo Badalamenti to name a few. TAL also uses Trent Reznor and Brian Eno but they are obvious and I already have them on my phone.

I’m going to download a lot of these artist’s soundtracks and put them on my phone’s rotation. Maybe you’ll beat me to it. You can preview most tracks on Amazon.com and sample them as a preview!

SonicFire Pro 5

This seems like some pretty cool software for music.

For those of you who don’t have a Trish or musical friend. Or you just want to create something fast…